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License Agreement

This agreement between BPM District Fit (Licensor) and you (Purchaser) shall confirm and set forth the terms and conditions to the use of Master Recordings controlled by Licensor and distributed by Licensee:

Terms & Conditions:

This license is valid from the date of receipt of the order confirmation, in perpetuity. By choosing to purchase, download or use BPM District Fit products you agree to adhere and follow the terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions of use apply to BPM District Fit products purchased and or
downloaded from any BPM District Fit products distributor.

Master Recordings subject to this Agreement:

The Master Recordings downloaded from this website and specified in the order confirmation and license email.
BPM District Fit hereby grants “licensee” the nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to perform and reproduce the Compositions as part of the music soundtrack in audio-visual to perform, reproduce and broadcast the Compositions in connection with such Production(s) or ancillary products related thereto. The rights licensed hereby include the right to broadcast and perform the Compositions as part of, Production(s), (or of any third party for which “Licensee” produces the Production(s)), without any further licenses, authorizations or clearances; the worldwide right to sell an unlimited number of copies of Production(s) containing the Compositions; the right to reproduce, perform and broadcast the Compositions in whole or in part in connection with the Production(s) and in part or in connection with
the marketing or advertising of Production(s) including the Compositions; and the right to mix, dub, cut, edit or otherwise modify the composition or the performances contained therein in connection with the foregoing uses.


Licensee hereby acknowledges that BPM District Fit is and remains the owner of all right, title, and interest in the Recording, including without limitation any master copyrights therein. The Recording is protected by and subject to the US and international copyright law.

Limitation of Liability

BPM District Fit makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, except that it warrants that it has the right to grant the license granted hereunder. The total liability of BPM District Fit under this agreement shall be limited to that part of the fee paid hereunder by “licensee” to BPM District Fit for the license. “Licensee” hereby agrees that this license is granted to you without warranty or recourse.